Each beneficiary of the Haklara Destek Program (Haklara Destek) conducts a self-assessment to identify the organizational development areas they want to work on. One of the tools used for organizational development is workshops. The large workshops we conduct aim to bring all organizations together, whereas the small workshops have less participants and therefore, more space for organizations to express themselves. 

During Haklara Destek I, held between June 2020 and July 2021, we organized a series of large workshops, listed below, to which all organizations were invited. 

Financial Sustainability

Facilitator: Betül Selcen Özer


  • Current Situation Based on Initial Data: Organizations and Financial Sustainability
  • Types of Financial Sustainability
  • Fundraising Cycle in 14 Steps
  • Fundraising Methods
  • Whose Job is it to Fundraise?
  • Creating a Financial Sustainability Strategy Connected to Communications Strategy 
  • Financial Management Models for Organizations
  • Funder Institutions & Organizations

Strategic Planning

Facilitator: Ruhat Sena Akşener


  • What is Strategic Planning?
  • What is the Purpose of Strategic Planning?
  • Why is Organizational Strategic Planning Important?
  • Stakeholders
  • Risk Analyses
  • What is a SWOT Analysis?
  • What is a PESTEL Analysis?

Financial Management

Facilitator: Aysel Ergün


  • Official Accounting and Related Sections in Legislation 
  • Finance101 (Fundamental Principles- Rules)
  • Creating Financial Policy and Financial Planning 
  • Creating/Implementing a Project Budget, Bookkeeping, Reporting and Financial Planning (case study)

Evidence-Based Advocacy: Relationship between Data-Information-Evidence

Facilitator: Derya Göçer


  • From Data to Information – Research Logic and Design 
  • From Data to Information- Methods
  • Best Practices

Digital Advocacy / Activism

Facilitator: Özgür Mehmet Kütküt


  • Introduction to Digital Communication and Social Media
  • Digital Target and Target Group
  • What is Digital Content
  • Digital Content Examples
  • Digital Advocacy (Technical)
  • Digital Advocacy (Planning and Technical)
  • Digital Advocacy (Tools)

In addition to the large workshops to which all organizations were invited, we also held smaller workshops designed to meet the specific needs of the organizations, which were identified using the needs analysis data. 

Project Design and Application 

Facilitator: Soner Şimşek

Assessing and Managing Organizational Impact

Facilitator: Emel Uysal

Working with Volunteers

Facilitator: Nisan Su Tablacı

Workshop on Campaigning

Facilitators: Pınar İlkiz & Kerem Çiftçioğlu

Workshop on Monitoring

Facilitators: Ayça Kurtoğlu & Gökçe Bayrakçeken Tüzel

Similar workshops will be held as part of Haklara Destek II as well. To create an environment of support and collaboration, we will not only be holding workshops but also work towards expanding and strengthening the current solidarity networks. We are aiming to create platforms to improve current networks, connect with international networks and share experiences with each other.