Mekanda Adalet Derneği

Center for Spatial Justice

The Center for Spatial Justice (MAD) conducts transdisciplinary studies on the development of more equitable, ecological and democratic processes/practices in urban and rural spaces. MAD aims to produce, collect and share innovative, qualified and public knowledge on space.

Individuals, groups and local/national/international institutions who want to employ participatory methods in developing their practices related to the production of space, actors who want places of hope and stories of hope to be heard and spread, and activists, researchers and students whose work intersects with a spatial and social justice framework can apply to MAD for cooperation and experience sharing.

Individuals who are affected by non-participatory urban transformation processes causing violations of their rights, who get harmed by large-scale infrastructure, mining and energy projects in urban and rural areas, or who are exposed to the negative effects of the construction/excavation economy and the lack of control and irregularities in this field may request support from MAD, especially in terms of visibility and advocacy.