Hevi LGBTİ+ Derneği

Hevi LGBTI+ Association 

HEVI LGBTI+ Association was founded in 2015 by LGBTI+s who are members of minority groups. 

Although the association is based in Istanbul, it also organizes workshops and carries out activities in Eskişehir, Yalova, Van, Diyarbakır, Ankara, İzmir and Mersin. Focusing on the fields of migration, minority rights, and healthcare, HEVI LGBTI+ works for the outreach of multilingual research, dissemination of studies on sexual health and safety for LGBTI+ persons, mainstreaming gender equality, empowering LGBTI+ refugees and minority communities, and monitoring LGBTI+ cases. HEVI LGBTI+ has been providing legal support for LGBTI+ persons since 2018. It has also been offering peer counseling since 2015. You can reach the e-mail of the association for counseling.