Mersin 7 Renk Lezbiyen Gey Biseksüel Trans Eğitim Araştırma ve Dayanışma Derneği

Mersin 7 Colours LGBT Training, Research and Solidarity Association

Mersin 7 Colours was founded with the purpose of supporting LGBT citizens in internalizing liberal values, in fulfilling themselves in terms of their sexual orientation and gender identity, and in contributing to the development of social peace, tranquility and well-being through their individual, social, cultural lives and behaviours.

The association’s main purpose is to raise society’s awareness regarding LGBTI+ individuals, who are exposed to discrimination and stigmatization in many areas of life until date. To this end, the association carries out various activities both in Mersin and in other provinces. The most important of these activities are the reporting of rights violations against LGBTI+s at the local and regional level, litigation and trial monitoring, scientific research, trainings, workshops, regular meetings with LGBTI+ individuals, and interdisciplinary workshops, symposiums and conferences.