Mezopotamya Eğitim Bilim Sanat Sağlık ve Kültür Vakfı


Mesopotamia Education, Science, Art, Health and Culture Foundation

Founded in 2013, the Mesopotamia Foundation has been advocating for the equal implementation of freedoms and rights and conducting mother tongue-related studies in the context of fundamental rights and freedoms.

The foundation’s work is intended to foster dialogue, mutual understanding and coexistence, which together with the establishment of a multilingual university, the foundation’s long-term goal, will make it possible for people of different identities to coexist on a basis of mutual understanding.

This also includes efforts towards ensuring that Kurds will be able to access public services in their mother tongue in order to resolve the inequalities they encounter in social life.

The foundation is further involved in the following creative projects in fields such as culture, art, education, media, science and technology that promote diversity, equality and pluralism: language standardization that makes it easier for Kurdish people to use their mother tongue, compilation of manuscripts and oral literature, archive and documentation related to language, history, and ethnography.