12/25/2023 - 15:03

On 10th of August, we held the first of our experience sharing meetings. In these meetings Haklara Destek organizations are going to talk about “best practices” in their line of work. In the first meeting we talked about podcast production. We will come together every three weeks to talk about a different topic and share our knowledge of the good examples and learn from each other.

In our first meeting, we listened to the experiences of Yayla (Gola) Culture, Art, and Ecology Association and Women’s Time Association which produce podcasts on intersecting issues. Representatives from these two organizations talked about their own processes that led them to podcast production, the planning and production stages of the podcasts, the feedback they received, and the difficulties they experienced. They explained how the podcast recordings were made and how they found solutions to the problems regarding technical infrastructure. Women’s Time Association, which prepares podcasts in Kurdish, underlined the linguistic difficulties. We also conversed in the Q&A session about how using a shared studio helps to enhance the practice of learning together and solidarity. They also stated that they preferred to take the opinions of the audiences on the content and frequency of the podcasts. We talked about the difficulties of podcast production alongside other works carried out by the associations. The issue of duration of podcasts which is dependent on the content covered was also discussed. They stated that while longer podcasts can be acceptable for academic and information-sensitive content, podcasts that are 15 to 20 minutes long might be more audience friendly and listened to more easily without being distracted. 

Podcast programs:

YereldenSanatın Tabiatı, Gola'nın Sesi - Gola 
Dema Jinan Diaxive - Women’s Time Association