10/03/2023 - 12:18

Civil society organizations and life defenders are continuing the struggle against the destruction of nature in Akbelen, Cudi, and Lice. The struggle and activities of organizations and life defenders against the forest fires and cutting down of trees have been on the forefront and continue to be so. 

As we leave behind the eighth month of the program, Haklara Destek II organizations continue to work one-on-one with the experts. We continue our workshops and webinars designed for the capacity building of the organizations. We also continue our experience sharing meetings that begun in August. Before the end of this year, we plan to organize the second network meeting to develop the collaborations and strengthen the connections within rights-based networks. We will focus on LGBTI+ rights in this meeting. 

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Cover: Embrace Earth, Protect our Future 
Illustration: Zofia Chamienia