04/21/2024 - 11:45

We held the first network meeting of the second year of Haklara Destek Program on February 9 in Diyarbakır, focusing on the right to mother tongue. This timing was chosen to precede International Mother Language Day, which is celebrated on February 21. We aimed to deepen ongoing discussions and foster collective reflection among organizations dedicated to this issue. Further details about the meeting can be found in the following sections of the bulletin.

The theme of our 7th bulletin centers on the right to mother tongue, featuring a quote from TJA activist Hacer Özdemir’s speech during our panel titled “Experiences from the Struggles for Mother Tongue as a Universal Human Rights.”

Additionally, February 6, 2024, marks the first anniversary of the earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria, with the epicenter located in Kahramanmaraş. One year later, the communities affected by the earthquakes are still on the path to recovery, largely supported by the efforts of civil society organizations. Some of the Haklara Destek organizations continue their earthquake-related work in the earthquake-striken areas and their respective cities. Detailed accounts of these activities can be found in the bulletin.

You can access the bulletin here.

Title: Cihê ku zimanê dayîkê nayê axaftin jiyan bi tevahî nayê birêxistinkirin” (“Where there is no mother tongue, life cannot be fully organized”), Hacer Özdemir

Illustration: Ceren Suntekin