05/08/2023 - 16:13

Haklara Destek Program is a sub-grant program funded by the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey and managed by Hafıza Merkezi and Heinrich Böll Stiftung. Supporting 41 small and medium sized rights-based organizations in Turkey, Haklara Destek Program provides the beneficiary organizations with institutional grants and capacity development support.

We want to reach specialists from different fields who will provide support to organizations in their efforts to develop capacity within the scope of Haklara Destek Program which started on 1 January 2023 and will last for two years. The specialists will work one-on-one with the organizations whose needs will be determined according to the results of the needs analysis that we are currently carrying out and plan to complete soon. To be included in the specialist pool, you can fill out the form here.

  • Only applications that are fully completed will be taken into consideration.
  • Application deadline is 1 April 2023, 5PM.
  • Application language is Turkish.
  • For further questions concerning the application please contact basvuru@haklaradestek.org.


Thank you for your time!


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