In addition to receiving an organizational grant, all organizations supported by the Haklara Destek Program (Haklara Destek) also obtained organizational development support. This support involved access to workshops as well as one-on-one expert support in areas identified by the organizations (such as human resources, organizational management, access to target groups, financial sustainability, etc.)

For the guidance part of the program, each organization was matched with a guide who contacted the organization weekly through online meetings, e-mails or phone to follow up on their capacity development and support them. 

With the help of guides and experts, the capacity development program supported the organizations based on their own identified areas of need, for 1 year.

  • 12 experts worked on the identified needs with the organizations for a total of 1200 hours 
  • Program guides provided a total of 5760 hours of support for 145 activities. 

The beneficiaries for Haklara Destek II will also be receiving support from experts, who will work with each organization on their unique areas of needs.