Altyazı Sinema Derneği

Altyazı Cinema Association

Founded in Istanbul in 2001 with the idea of “a magazine that thinks about cinema”, Altyazı Cinema Magazine –Turkey’s longest-running independent cinema magazine– has been working in the field of cinema for more than 20 years with digital broadcasting, film screening programs, and seminars given by trainers from different areas of expertise. Altyazı Cinema Association, founded by the editorial board members of the magazine in March 2019, aims to contribute to the advancement of a democratic, pluralist, and free expression in the field of arts and culture and to increase the visibility of free cinema actors. Altyazı Cinema Association works to ensure that readers have access to quality and reliable information and criticism with Altyazı Fasikül focusing on issues such as censorship, freedom of expression, and gender equality in the cinema industry. 

By supporting communication and solidarity within the sector, Altyazı Cinema Association produces articles and video content to provide a space for expression for at-risk/disadvantaged cinema actors (independent movie makers, distributors, theater operators, festivals, university clubs, etc.) and reports the rights violations these actors are exposed to. Besides defending freedom of information, the association actively participates in various solidarity campaigns organized by the abovementioned groups and provides a space for them to voice their own issues and be heard by a wider audience.