IPS Communication Foundation


IPS Communication Foundation’s aim is to transform the media language and environment in Turkey and to make information/content independent from capital and the state. In line with these objectives, it attaches priority to social utility, rights-orientedness and the right to obtain information in the mother tongue in the reproduction and distribution of information. The foundation’s institutional structure centres around the trilingual (Turkish, Kurdish, English) media outlet bianet. In this context, IPS carries out editorial production and capacity development activities aimed at implementing and popularizing an understanding of journalism which focuses on the rights and struggles of women, children and all those “marginalized” due to their gender identities, sexual orientations, or ethnic, racial, religious/sectarian and cultural identities. Such journalism closely monitors violations of all kinds of rights, primarily freedom of expression, women, LGBTI+ and children’s rights, as well as policies, legal regulations and practices aimed at limiting or expanding the existing boundaries of these rights, disseminating, archiving and reporting relevant news in order to inform the public.